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Beauty Tips in 20s


In 20s, the metabolic rate is high enough to ensure that a low-fat eating plan coupled with regular exercise will result in an attractive body for you. You will have high hormone levels to ensure gain in muscle mass. Perform regular weight-bearing exercise. But excessive exercising and dieting can lead to a drop in estrogen. Best bets for fat burning include aerobic exercises, such as cycling, jogging, speed walking and hip-hop dancing. An inactive person will start to lose muscle mass and unused energy will be stored in the form of fat-not only around hips and thighs, but around the internal organs too.


Avoid fried food, it’s bad for the skin. Coconut  water or juice will help. I always suggest a light make-up at this age, which provides handsome dividends in 30s and 40s. Your skin glows in 20s and has an even texture. Some people develop acne. Develop a good cleansing regimen and stick to sunscreen.


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