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Beauty Tips in 30s


You will observe several changes in your body in 30s. Overall muscle strength drops. Bone mass declines at the rate of one percent a year and one becomes fragile. The  ratio of bony fat to the muscle increases causing extra flab and the cholesterol continues to rise, increasing the risk of heart attack.

Proper care to nourish the body should be taken  to maintain the muscle and bone density and also to keep the fat level down. Make sure that your diet is good but fat-free. It is seen that wrong eating habits lead to anaemia, hyperacidity and bowel problems. A sedentary lifestyle leads to the onset of obesity, back and joint problems, hypertension, low backache, spondylitis, respiratory problems, diabetes, varicose veins and even heart diseases. The following eating habits are suggested:

  • Eat until you are 80% satisfied.

  • Eat fresh food: either steamed, stir fried or proached.

  • If you are non-vegetarian, eat lots of fish and small quantities of meat occasionally.

  • Avoid alcohol. It is observed that the consumption of alcohol by the female sex leads to breast cancer and other fatal diseases.

  • Drink a lot of water, at least six to eight glasses a day.

  • Don’t forget your daily calcium consumption prescribes, i.e.. 1200 mgs per day. Calcium is important to help ward off  osteoporosis. Consume low fat dairy products and leafy green vegetables to supplement the calcium demand of the body.

  • Choose whole- wheat chapattis, bread, cereals and unpolished rice.

  • Opt for low fat milk, yoghurt, cheese and paneer.

  • At this age fats, oils, sugar, desserts and pasteries are dangerous.

  • Decrease the consumption of salt in your diet.

  • Avoid eating too much of red meat, milk, eggs, fried foods and sweets.

  • Increase the intake of whole grain cereals, legumes, sprouts, buttermilk.

  • Have a regular exercise plan- be it a walk,  a musical dancing, swimming, exercise bike, treadmill, brisk walking, yoga or aerobics.


Fine lines begin to develop around your eyes and mouth. Skin pores increase in size and the hair begins to los volume. Start using an eye cream to hide the fine lines and dark circles under the eyes. Use moistureiser with an SPF factor and condition your hair.


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