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Beauty Tips in 40s


Human body is like a machine, if you leave it out it starts rusting. Obesity is common at this age, especially among those who had neglected their body in 30s. Height reduction begins at 40s as your skeletal structure starts to weaken, the muscles, ligaments and tendons tend to loose flexibility, extra weight on the bottom and thighs looks irritating as a part of the ageing process. Oil production continues to decrease, Wrinkles and  spots become more obvious as collagen levels decrease and the skin starts losing its elasticity. The skin appears dull and less smooth due to the dead skin build up, furrow, and expression lines deepen. Grey hairs increase, white blood cells become a common problem in the body and sexual dysfunction sets in after the age of 40.


Thyroid and eyesight, diabetes and hypertension, breasts losing their firmness, wrinkles and stretch marks on the face are common disorders in 40s. Estrogen  levels begin to drop, making it easier for fat to accumulate  around the stomach and waist when the skeletal  structure starts weakening. Menopause  itself brings along various problems. The female hormone or estrogen is manufactured in the body as long as the monthly cycle continues. It helps in maintaining strong bones and  keeps the skin supple.

To maintain the strength  of the bones, a regular stretching exercise routine and intake of calcium is essential in 40s. They help to fight the ageing process by building the bone mass. Aerobic exercises keep fat at bay and the muscles intact. To keep the skin and hair healthy, use a nourishing cream, non-clogging moisturizer and hair conditioner.


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