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Beauty Tips in 50s


Lot of changes develop among women in 50s. After menopause, the bone mass in the body further drops, weight piles up, skin becomes dry and itchy , double chin appears, neck gets looser and less elastic, pores become smaller, wrinkles become more obvious, brown spots and scaly patches develop on the face, neck and the body.

Continue with a good cleansing and moisturizing routine. Wrong eating habits and lack of exercise harm the body. A light exercise and regular practice of Yoga are good ways to remain fit and healthy.

Easy ways to give your body a beauty Detox

  1. Massage: It leaves a miraclulous effect for improving the blood circulation and lymph drainage to banish cellulite.

  2. Aroma Treatment: This is done mixing up your own blend with 10ml of a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil and not more than five drops of a pure essential oil such as lemon, juniper, or grapefruit to massage as long as it takes  the oil to be absorbed on the areas of the body such as your hips , butt, thigh and abdomen, once a day.

  3. Spa Type Massage: This helps in good blood circulation if applied after a bath while the skin is still damp and warm. Seal in the oil by smoothing on a body contouring cream.

  4. Body Brushing: This is good for brushing cellulite, which smoothes and firms the skin. Do no neglect your back. Brush up your back, legs and arms towards your heart in a circular, clockwise movement through your tummy, preferably in the morning before taking a bath.

  5. Face Masking: It is a good flush out and helps to clear a congested skin using stimulating ingredients such as rosemary, eucalyptus and herbs, leaving a rehydrating effect on dry as well as oily skin. Mask your skin for 5-20 minutes depending upon the condition. The perfect time to mask your face is before retiring to bed at night.

  6. Repairing Your Hair:  Masks put the shine back into dull hair. Detox shampoos are readily available in the market, which deep cleanse the hair and reduce damage from free radicals.

  7. Bathing eases tension: Epsom salt bath helps your skin to eliminate toxins. Fill the bath tub up to your neck and roll in it for 20 minutes, breathing deeply.


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