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Beauty Tips For Pregnant


Pregnancy can change your appearance due to rapid hormonal changes, which cause dry, flaky skin or a blotchy acne-prone complexion. The body undergoes many changes when pregnant. Skin is the first thing to bear the brunt of it. Some of the common problems include very dry, itchy skin, Melasma, acne and stretch marks. Do not despair, these can be treated during and after pregnancy. Usually from the second trimester of pregnancy, a pregnant woman might suddenly find herself with very dry, taut skin that is sand papery to the touch, especially around the stomach, hands and legs. Do not be alarmed, generally the condition vanishes after delivery. But till then, be sure to keep your skin extra moisturized with a creamy body lotion. Almond oil or cocoa butter based creams tend to work wonders in soothing the skin during this period when applied after bath .


The Final Months

This is the time for organization and final preparations to welcome the baby. Take good care of yourself too; you will need a lot of energy in the coming months. Dryness and blotchiness are sometimes problems at the end of the pregnancy period. Take care to nourish your skin properly. Use a covering foundation during the day. If your face looks fat, use shading to disguise the chubbiness. Give your body plenty of skin cream in the last two months. If you intend to breastfeed your baby, keep your nipples soft with a special cream to help prevent cracking.

Increase milk and high protein food in your diet. Keep your iron intake high, too. Drink fresh orange juice instead of tea or coffee. A high vitamin C intake helps to protect you against infections. When labour begins, have a good meal. You will need all your strength and you may not get another meal for many hours. A good sleep is a necessity during the final month. If you find it difficult to get to sleep, have a warm glass of milk the last thing at night or relax in a warm bath just before bedtime.
Have your hair trimmed and set this month. You will be far too busy next month to go to a hairdresser. Your hair may become a bit greasy this month, so freshen it between the shampoos by putting a piece of cheese cloth or muslin over the bristles of your brush and press them through it. Much of the dirt and grease will be caught over the cloth.

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