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Beauty Tips for your Baby


A little everyday care ensures that the natural beauty for your baby does not fade away too soon. Here a few basic guidelines to a beauty regime for your kids. It is best to ensure that the rosy cheeks, pearly teeth and the shining hair stay for long. Little ones need a personal care routine as much an adults do.

Little babies are blessed with soft and silky skin. Nourish your baby’s skin with a regular oil massage before the bath. After the bath, use a light moisturizing lotion. In hot weather, massage reacts adversely and produces rashes or itching. If this happens, stop it immediately. During the summer season, use powder on clean, dry skin. Remember, the sun’s harmful rays may cause the delicate skin to burn and peel. Bath your baby twice a day using the glycerine soap during summer. Avoid using soap on the face. It is too harsh and causes drying of the skin. Clean your baby’s face with a non-soap based face wash.

It is preferable to oil your baby’s hair once a week to keep it shining and prevent split-ends. Do not use too much oil. Apply a good conditioner on the hair but not on the scalp. The conditioner flattens down the cells of the hair and gives it smoothness, shine and easy manageability. A haircut once in six weeks is a must. Do not forget to wash the hair whenever it gets dirty, even if it means doing it everyday. Use a  mild shampoo and condition the hair each time. Wet hair is extremely weak and breaks easily, so use a wide toothed comb to untangle the hair. Never use a brush on wet hair. Allow the hair to dry naturally as a hair dryer tends to dry out the hair, and the hair gets brittle. If the hair is long, keep it loosely tied during the night to prevent it from getting knotted. Always use mild products which contain herbal ingredients.


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