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Problem During Periods


Pigmentation of the skin is a major problem during periods. What we want is an even toned, translucent, radiant and blemish-free skin during these days. The melanin in the skin is the culprit. The amount and distribution of this pigment determines the skin colour and the difference in the colour of the skin. The imbalance in both types can stay on just the upper layer of the skin or run deep as well. If spots or discolouration run deep, they usually appear bluish.

Hyperpigmentation is usually faced by women during periods. The common problems related to pigmentation are Melasma.

A brownish discolouration that usually starts after pregnancy but tends to persist (usually seen on cheeks, forehead and nose) and these increases in pigmentation before and during menstruation. There are several ointments available in the market to cope with pigmentation. Home-made remedies like cucumber, milk cream, turmeric powder, gram flour (beasn) and fuller’s earth (multani mitti) also work well to get rid of pigmentation during periods or pregnancy. Ointments and home-made remedies can cause allergic reactions and dryness of the skin in some women.

Treating yourself to a facial just before periods is beneficial, because it can help to clear away the dead skin that produces an extra oily complexion and blocks the pores of the skin. A facial after the periods is equally beneficial as it helps to refine the skin’s texture. A rest is must after the facial. After you have had blackheads extracted, you will be looking a bit blotchy. Don’t bother to wash or style your hair before a facial. Facial brings out toxins and the skin looks best for about a week after a facial.

During periods, skin cleansing, moisturizing, and application of face pack are essential routines that help the skin to retain its glowing radiance. They play an important role in maintaining the skin soft and smooth. Use yoghurt and lemon cleansing milk for oily skin during the menstruation period to clear the clogged skin.


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